Programs and Workshops


Workshop with Connie Woythal

I am excited to offer a variety of classes on Neurosculpting as well as Positive Psychology. I can personalize any of these to meet your needs or we can discuss developing one just for you or your organization. If you want me to present to your group, please email me at

Neurosculpting Classes

Foundational Neurosculpting®

Learn the brain basics of how neuroplasticity can transform your life, help you rewrite old stories, heal from stress and trauma, and become the best you possible. This introductory class is designed for beginners. You will learn how to identify different brain states that hijack your ability to move forward, and gain powerful meditational tools to reverse that process. You’ll get hands-on experience in the Neurosculpting® modality of meditation and brain entrainment, and you’ll learn some daily exercises to take this transformational practice into your everyday life.

Dealing Effectively with Stressful Change

Change is the only constant, and for most of us change – even change we want in our lives – is stressful! Our basic sense of safety relies on our ability to predict our future’s outcomes, but when our predictions are challenged by change the brain easily and quickly resorts to stress and fear. Join me in this introductory class where you’ll learn about this dynamic and go on two guided Neurosculpting® meditations in which you’ll rewrite your own relationship to change and uncertainty. No experience necessary.

Neurosculpting® For Health and Immunity

The science of epigenetics is offering humanity an opportunity that would have seemed like science fiction just a short time ago; the opportunity to have direct input and conscious control over how our genes express health or sickness. We have all been told that our genetic destinies have long since been written in stone, and that we are powerless to change this. But epigenetics offers us science-based hope that we have a say in the function of our own genes. Neurosculpting ® For Health and Immunity offers you two powerful guided meditations to start you on the path to genetic freedom. No experience necessary.

Brain and Neurons

Neurosculpting® A New Relationship to Money and Abundance

Money is far more than currency. For most of us money represents freedom, choice, power, comfort, and status. We use words like worth and value when discussing money, words that can easily come to represent beliefs we hold about ourselves. We have an intimate, energetic, and psychological relationship with money – our own money paradigm. But like any relationship, our involvement with money can become dysfunctional and codependent. Money must serve what is most important in our own lives, but our lives should not serve money. Join us in this introductory class where you’ll explore your own energetic relationship to money and how you can shift it to better serve your life. We will go on two guided Neurosculpting® meditations in which you’ll rewrite your own money paradigm. No experience necessary.

Neurosculpting® for Stress Relief

How does a healthy brain handle stress? It responds in the moment, then safely releases the emotional energy—yet modern life confronts us with new forms of stress that often confuse and overload our natural coping instincts. Neurosculpting for Stress Relief provides essential practices for retraining your brain to deal with stress in a healthy way. Scan the body to reveal the sources of stress and release stagnant energy.  Defuse the charged emotions around stressful situations.  Change habitual “scripts” so you can consciously choose how you react to stress.  Access your inner healing resources to become more flexible, creative, and joyful.  It’s easy to tell ourselves that we shouldn’t worry or stress out, but without the right tools it’s easier said than done. No experience necessary.

Neurosculpting® for New Habits

What is the number one factor for determining career success and personal fulfillment? The answer isn’t genius, willpower, or passion—it’s habit. “The human brain is a champion for forming habits,” teaches Lisa Wimberger. “Yet that essential quality can also get us stuck in self-sabotaging patterns.” Neurosculpting for New Habits brings you scientific insights and highly effective practices for rewiring your brain to promote healthy, self-empowering behaviors, including: (No experience necessary.)

  • How the brain forms habits—and why it retains unhealthy ones
  • The crucial role of managing stress when creating healthy habits
  • Intention, focus, action, and repetition—four steps for mastering habits, with mindfulness-based meditations for each


Positive Psychology Programs

Enhancing Joy, Peace, and Well-being with Positive Psychology is an introductory workshop that introduces participants to what positive psychology is and how positive psychology can enhance their lives.

The Transformational Power of Forgiveness is a workshop that not only discusses forgiveness but includes hands-on experiences to help participants begin the transformational process of forgiveness.

Using Signature Strengths and Core Values to Find Your True Purpose/Meaning in Life is an activity-based workshop aimed at helping participants identify their signature strengths and core values.  Then, using these strengths and values, they begin the process of discovery.  This process of discovery is to find what their life purpose is.

Living Gratitude, Sharing Kindness is a workshop that presents many hands-on exercises geared to helping participants move into a life of gratitude and kindness.

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Self-Enhancement Series: Self-Acceptance, Self-Compassion, and Self-Forgiveness is a series of workshops geared to learning to love oneself.  The Self-Acceptance workshop sets the foundation for the other two workshops by providing hands-on activities to accept all aspects of oneself.  The Self-Compassion workshop encourages participants to be gentle with themselves.  And finally, the Self-Forgiveness workshop shows participants how to forgive themselves for little things with the intent to provide them with tools to forgive themselves so they can forgive others more easily.

Be True to Yourself No Matter What is a workshop for teens and will focus on ways to build resilience to things like peer pressure.  The workshop will provide hands-on strategies that can easily be used to be true to yourself despite the pressures of school, jobs, and friends.  Come and explore how to be who really are in just about any situation.