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Neurosculpting® is a whole-brain approach integrating mindfulness and neuroscience into a simple five-step method to rewrite one’s “stories” by forming new, more effective, and positive neural pathways allowing for a life of unlimited potential. Neurosculpting® was developed in 2007 by Lisa Wimberger to empower individuals to live a life powered by intention through self-directed neuroplasticity. Unique to the Neurosculpting® methodology is its structure and intentional whole-brain engagement designed to down-regulate the hyper-arousal states while simultaneously up-regulating the higher executive functioning of the brain.

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“To become happier, wiser, and more loving, sometimes you have to swim against ancient currents within your nervous system.”
~~Rick Hanson~~


Dr. Connie Woythal is a Neurosculpting® franchise owner and certified facilitator. She is available for private or group sessions in person or online. Topics may include the Foundations of Neurosculpting®, dealing effectively with change, enhancing health and immunity, developing a new relationship with money and abundance, stress relief, and learning new habits.  When working privately, Dr. Connie will develop a unique Neurosculpting® meditation based on the specific desires and/or needs of the client.


“Every time you take in the sense of feeling safe, satisfied, or connected, you stimulate responsive circuits in your brain.”
~~Rick Hanson~~


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