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Being outside can help you get in touch with what’s inside you. —Doreen Virtue

Recently I was on vacation to visit family.  I made the decision to disconnect, for the most part, from technology while I was on vacation.  In doing so I learned a few things about myself.  First of all, I learned that being disconnected from technology leads to much more enriching connections with those people who are important to me.  My interactions with my family and friends were truly enjoyable.  I paid close attention to what they were saying and not saying.  I rediscovered that I need time away from technology to reenergize and reconnect.  Once I got back home and got reconnected to technology, I noticed that my energy shifted in the wrong direction.

The second thing I learned about myself is that being in the present moment without expectations brings me joy and peace.  I had few commitments on vacation and just went with the flow, staying in the moment to soak up all that was there.  I realized that this is where I want to be—in the moment without expectations.  There was a point in my vacation when I placed expectations on myself and those around me, I noticed that I became moodier and felt less connected to myself and those around me.  I was more concerned with meeting expectations than interacting and connecting with others.

The third thing I learned about myself is that when I am out in nature, I really feel connected to the world around me.  While out in nature, I get to spend time with me and, for the most part, I like me.  Being outside helps me to concentrate on being grounded, being authentic, and being who I am meant to me.

And the last thing I learned about myself while I was on vacation is that my anxiety level raises substantially when I get back to “life as I know it”.  My life is busy with all sorts of commitments that may or may not be what is best for me.

So, as a result of this vacation experience I resolve to:

  • Disconnect from technology regularly (at least once a month)
  • Live with attention, intention, and without judgment or expectation
  • Be authentic to me—choose commitments wisely

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